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ATO Flags Retirement Planning Schemes Of Concern

29th Sep, 2016

The ATO has launched the Super Scheme Smart initiative to inform people about retirement planning schemes that are of increasing concern. According to the ATO, people approaching retirement are most at risk of becoming involved in schemes that are “too good to be true”. While retirement planning schemes can vary, you should be aware of some common features of problematic schemes. These schemes generally:

  • are artificially contrived and complex, and usually connected with a self managed super fund (an SMSF);
  • involve a lot of paper shuffling;
  • are designed to leave you paying minimal or no tax, or even receiving a tax refund; and/or
  • aim to give you a present -day benefit.

The ATO has previously issued statements about concerning schemes that involve non-arm’s length limited borrowing arrangements, dividend stripping and diverting personal services income.

TIPS: Land tax regimes differ from state to state. Please contact our office for assistance or more information.

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